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Trips to the surroudings: Český ráj

When you go to Český ráj (Czech paradise), not only Kost castle is worth your attention. The local country is full of majestic castles, mystic chateaus and romantic ruins. The countryside is decorated by green forests, smelly meadows, crystal clear lakes, and well-known stony towns. As a proof that Český ráj is inhabited for centuries is the amount of traditional architecture still present here. There is plenty of crosses, chapells, sculptures etc.


Český ráj is famous for its bizarre sandstone objects standing in the middle of picturesque forests. Advantage of Český ráj lies in a fact, that it is easily accessible. It is located only 100km away from Prague in northeast Bohemia. It was declared a protected landscape area in 1955 and fifty years later it was written down as a european geopark UNESCO.

There are several stony towns in Český ráj. But the most famous are probably Prachovské skály, that lie approximately 5 km in northeast direction from Jičín. Hruboskalské skalní město is a paradise on its own. Slim, white stony towers are on some places 55 metres high. The greatest view on that place is from the tower of Hrubá skála castle. No less interesting are Suché skály u Malé skály, that you can visit when you take the northeast path from Turnov. They proudly bear the ickname „Czech Dolomites“ and you can recognise them even from the distance. Their silhouette resembles a spine of a fairytale dragon. If you like mysteries, take your way to the nearby Besedické skály, that is one big labyrinth.

Do you prefer a nice chat rather then hiking in the rocks? But it would be a great pity to stay in some inn. So just go and do some sightseeing and make a basket party!  There are many places that are suitable for rest:  Kozákov (the highest mountain in the area), Kopanina, Medenec, Vyskeř, Mužský, Veliš or Zebín. The only disadvantage it takes is that you have to move a bit... ;)

Castles and chateaus

When you come to Český ráj, majestic silhouette of Trosky ruins welcome you from the distance. Two towers – Panna and Baba – actually a vulcanic cones stand there for many centuries. When the northwest direction is taken you will come across the romantic remnants of Rotštejn castle. The stony castle was engraved to the sandstone in the 13th Century. You will be charmed by a hunting chateau rebuilt to a chapell in Vranov. Frýdštejn´s beauty is proven by a fact that filmmakers chose it for their activities.

Ruins are mysterious and magic. Castles attract their visitors by majesticity and dignity. Kost castle is the best preserved medieval castle in Czech republic, it is only a bit younger than famous Karlštejn. It became popular thanks to its dominant tower. If we look at it from the right angle from the courtyard, we may see all four sides of the tower. A visit should be paid also to Valdštejn near Turnov. The castle from the 13th century literally breathes with mysticity. Some time even a robbers lived there. Nearby Valečov is a relatively preserved example of a stony castle, guarding for centuries countryside of Český ráj. You will never forget your visit there, namely in may, when celebrations of new season take place.

Český ráj is decorated by several beautiful chateaus. It is Sychrov for example – one of the most visited landmarks in Czech republic. Even the legendary 13th chamber in form of jewellry chamber of František Khynl isn´t missing in the fairtale-like Sychrov. Mnichovo Hradiště is enchanted by the historic atmosphere as well. There is a Chapell of Saint Ann, where a tomb of Albrecht from Valdštejn is situated. If you like a music, visit Humprecht castle in times where concerts are organised there. The building has a marvellous acoustics! The chateau is located on the hill above Sobotka town and its surroundings are covered ba y soft grass. If you are lucky, you will find a precious orchid there. Fairytales lovers are attracted by the famous robbery history of Jičín. Birthplace of „Rumcajs“ is a showcase of baroque architecture. If you want to know, how it feels to live in the chateau, visit Hrubá skála. A nice view and historic interior offers very pleasant accomodation.

Trosky – tel.: +420 481 313 925; e-mail:
Rotštejn – tel.: +420 487 356 003, +420 721 195 471
Vranov – tel.: +420 251 013 561-4, +420 483 392 045; e-mail:
Frýdštejn – tel.: +420 483 393 060; e-mail:
Kost – tel.: +420 493 571 144; e-mail:
Valdštejn – tel.: +420 481 312 304, +420 732 207 065; e-mail:
Valečov – tel.: +420 326 784 204, +420 774 565 225; e-mail:"
Sychrov – tel.: +420 482 416 011; e-mail:
Mnichovo Hradiště – tel.: +420 326 773 098; e-mail:
Hrubý Rohovec – tel.: +420 481 659 111; e-mail:
Humprecht – tel.: +420 493 571 583; e-mail:
Jičín – tel.: +420 493 532 204; e-mail:
Hrubá Skála – tel.: +420 481 659 111; e-mail:

Traditional architecture

Although there is plenty of castles and chateaus in Český ráj, their capacity was not sufficient enough to accomodate all the people living in the area. Many unique hats and houses were built behind the caste walls and today they are wonderful exhibits fo traditional architecture.

Picturesque villages resemble a puzzle of wooden houses, devotional pillars, chapells and churches. Houses have wooden roofs, decorated walls and wooden galleries. It seems that all the carpenters, cabinet-makers and stonebreakers were inspired by the Nature herself. This is the only possible explanation of the fact that the architecture is in the harmony with the surrouding countryside.

Nice examples of traditional architecture can be found in Trávníky in Železný Brod, Vesec u Sobotky and Dolánky. Wooden Dlaskův statek offers an exhibition of agricultural machines, traditional way of living and exhibition of old habits and arts. Kopicův statek is proud on its stony gallery in the middle of the forest. You won´t make any mistake if you visit Rovensko pod Troskami. In local wooden belfry historic bells can be seen.


As a name of the region (Czech paradise) it is possible to have heavenly holiday in Český ráj!  Whole family will find its bit. Children (but also systematic adults) will appreciate thematic tourist tracks: Searching Albrecht from Valdštejn, Getting to know with Baroque, Searching precious stones and minerals – A stone and a jewell in Český ráj and Searching the fables of Český ráj. Once a year a touristic newspaper „Český ráj“ inform about news and touristic attractions in the region.

Country of majestic rocks, beautiful meadows, smelly woods and romantic buildings is crossed by roads and interesting paths, majority of which is marked. Česká ráj can be passed through on foot, on a bicycle or on a horse. Seasonal touristic buses are also available. More active tourists can do a rock climbing, paragliding or rafting. For more info visit the tourist information centres.

City Information Centre Turnov

Adress: Náměstí Českého ráje 26, 511 01 Turnov
tel.: +420 481 366 255; tel., fax: +420 481 366 256

City Information Centre Jičín

Adress: Valdštejnovo náměstí 1, 506 01 Jičín
tel., fax: +420 493 534 390

Culture and information centre of Lomnice nad Popelkou town

Adress: Husovo náměstí 4, 512 51 Lomnice nad Popelkou
tel., fax: +420 481 673 107

City Information Centre Mnichovo Hradiště

Adress: Masarykovo náměstí 299, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště
tel., fax: +420 326 772 464

City Information Centre Rovensko pod Troskami

Adress: Komenského 107, 512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami
tel.: +420 481 381 050; fax: +420 481 382 236

City Information Centre Semily

Adress: Riegrovo náměstí 38, 513 01 Semily
tel., fax: +420 481 624 721

City Information Centre Sobotka

Adress: Náměstí Míru 3, 507 43 Sobotka
tel., fax: +420 493 571 5871

Culture and information centre Železný Brod

Adress: Námětí 3. května 1, 468 22 Železný Brod
tel.: +420 483 333 925; fax: +420 483 333 950