Hrad Kost


Entrance fee

Normal fee Discounted fee seniors
1st path – cca 60 min. 
(Kinský family in Bohemia)
120 Kč 80 Kč90 Kč
2nd Path – cca 60 min. 
(Medieval torture chamber)
120 Kč 80 Kč90 Kč
1st + 2nd path – cca 100 min.
Favourable prices!
180Kč 100 Kč110 Kč
3rd path - cca 30 min.
(shortened sightseeing)  
Only in the summer!
60 Kč 60 Kč60 Kč
from one fairy tale to another one – cca 30min
(with princess Carolline)
60 Kč 60 Kč60 Kč
13th chamber with headsman Heřman140 Kč 100 Kč100 Kč
  • Children younger than 6 have the sightseeing for free.
  • Discounted fee is for children younger than 15, students and disabled people
  • For sightseeing in foreign language an extra fee 80 Kč is paid.
  • For taking pictures during the exposition an extra fee 100 Kč is paid.
  • It is possible to arrange a sightseeing in time when the castle is closed. It is necessary to arrange the visit in advance. Entrance fee is then 200 Kč per person and it is necessary to order a visit of minimum 30 people.