Hrad Kost


Regular events

Falconers, knights, swordsmen, comediants, witches, castle ladies and cookies come to the castle for several times a year to please its visitors. Everybody gives his/her bit to move the majestic castle to the history, somewhere to the era of Gothic, from which it flows to Baroque and back to the 21st Century.

Calendar of cultural events – summary of planned actions on year 2008

Commercial events – more info about possibilities of organising private or commercial events on the castle, or weddings

When a castle gets alive

Regular Wakening of the castle is in progress at the beginning and at the end of the season, which means in April and in October. Events are named From Gothic to Baroque and at least sixty actors in historic costumes gather on the castle. Cookies in the black kitchen offer their marvellous cakes, swordsmen show their skills in fights and falconers leave their birds of pray for hunts of the fake prey.

When charlatans gather...

In the middle of the warm summer holidays, between July and August, Witches´Congress takes place. Just not to leave harridans in the Kost´s walls alone, bunch of charlatans, magicians, foretellers and healers attend them. You will meet mysterious persons covered in torn clothes on every sightseeing in this time. But do not believe them – harridans can bewitch you! :)

When a drama is played…

Many things happen during the season on the courts of Kost castle. Traditional Theatre of Celná in Prague has its place there. Its repertoire does not restrict only to fairytales. Horrors are favourite amongst the visitors of the castle. No less interesting are shows of swordsmen, in which (as it seems) historic knights fight for their lives. Falconic shows, in which birds of prey fly freely are organised by Mr. Straka. (a hawk) He is linked to the birds not only by his name. Anyway, you probably got to know his shows from nearby Sychrov castle.