Hrad Kost


Castles in the surroundings

Hrubá skála (Thick rock) – a castle on the rock

Length of the track: about 10 km

Severity: mediocre, a bit wavy terrain 

Touristic marking: use blue or green mark, the track goes round well-known Adamovo lože 

Information about the castle: Hrubá Skála castle stands on the sandstone rocks. Trip through Hrubá Skála stony town is one of the nicest in Český ráj. You will get to the courtyard after you pass romantic „mouse hole“ – a small hole in the rock - and when you pass two stony bridges. There is a hotel and a restaurant available in the object, together with a tower. The view will take your breath away, so be careful! ;) Majestic Trosky ruins make a nice scenery. No wonder that filmers used this place to make a famous Bajaja film.

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Trosky – ruins with mysterious history

Length of the track: about 10 km

Severity: easy to mediocre – depends on the track you take

Touristic marking: using Juneé or green mark up to the Podlažany crossroads, then using either yeallow and then Juneé touristic track through picturesque walleys and forests, or longer way using Juneé and then blue touristic mark

Information about the ruins: Trosky ruins is a majestic dominant of Český ráj and many local foundations used its silhouette as a logo of their company. Trosky were built at the beginning of the 14th Century. Except the fact that we do not exactly know when the construction begun, we do not even know, how the castle looked like. Rich history of Trosky is full of empty spaces, unbelievable stories and legends. For a short while people were afraid of Trosky very much, because famous robbers Kryštov and Švejkar used the castle as their base. Today, Trosky are popular touristic landmark thanks to the view they offer and thanks to the mysterios atmosphere.

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Humprecht – a castle amongst orchids

Length of the track: about 4 km

Severity: lehká

Touristic marking: using the educational path Plakánek walley 

Information about the castle: Humprecht castle dominates the hill of the same name above Sobotka town since half of the 17th century. For the first sight you will be charmed by the lunette on the top of the main tower. In that times it was said, that owners and founders of the astle(Černín family) were in Turkey... it was not true however. Humprecht survived many difficulties – on the day of Saint Peter and Paul in 1678 a thunder hit the castle four times. Today, it is very famous amongst the tourists. They are attracted not only by nice countryside in its surroudings but also by the fact, that orchids grow there.

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Valdštejn – the oldest castle there

Length of the track: from 10 to 16 km – depends on the route you take 

Severity: mediocre to hard – it is possible to visit Hrubá Skála castle and stony town as well

Touristic marking: using blue mark up to the pod Radčí crossroads, then either use green mark leading towards Valdštejn, or use blue mark heading to Hrubá Skála from which you can gat to Valdštejn using yellow or green one and then again the blue one.

Information about the castle: Valdštejn has amongst all the Český ráj castles the longest history, which was not very optimistic. It was founded sometimes in 1260, in the 15th century was besieged and conquered by Hussites, then the owners changed a lot and the building deteriorated. Valdštejn was soon abanodnned and nature made a nice ruin from it. Valdštejn family, who sold the castle in 1380 bought it back as a ruin in 17th century. They used up the mood round the ruins and made Valdšetejn a nice place for tourists, who were attracted by nice rocks and deep forests in the surroudings of the castle. In that way it is today. Tourists can see Trosky ruins from there as well as nearby stony town.

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Valečov – ruins in rocks

Lenght of the track: about 9 km

Severity: mediocre, a bit wavy terrain with lots of frests 

Touristic marking: use Juneé mark and then green mark po 

Information about the ruins: Valečov is interesting even by its name. In the medieval times it was usual to name the castles in German, not in Czech language. The oldes written mention about Valečov dates back to the 14th century. Sometimes the building was strong and unconquerable, which get to know even the Crusade army in 1468. „Brave“ soldiers plundered nearby villages but did not attack the castle itself. Jiří from Poděbrady then as a revenge defeated the crusaders. Valečov was a ruin even before the 30years war. But poor people inhabited the ruins also in 1892.

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